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The Soup Kitchen Toy Drive of Boynton Beach

The Soup Kitchen holds an annual Holiday Celebration for less fortunate families and they fell very short on toy donations this year.

The event is on December 22nd, 2014 and they are expecting 750-1,000 kids this year.

My dad received an email that was sent out by district to troops, packs and ships to ask for toys to help save the holidays for these 750-1000 kids…So if anyone from our troop wants to donate toys “HUNDREDS OF TOYS ARE STILL NEEDED”.

So I asked my dad if I could volunteer to coordinate the pick up of the toys for the district so that we could help save the holiday party for kids.

The toys do not need to be expensive.
They need to be new toy and please don’t wrap the toys.

Please bring in any toys that you would like to donate, to Tuesdays meeting.

Thank you,

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