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Announcements for 2/3/15

Meeting Details: Wear Class A, bring a drinking cup.  This Tuesday are Troop elections. If you are interested in running for a position, let Mr. Putnik know. The TLT will presumably be on the 21st. Mr. Wysong will be working on Cit in the Community, while scouts that already have it will work on the wagons.

Mr. Boekholder has 6 open spots for Northern Tier. 

The PLC has decided to sell camp cards, please do your best to help sell!

Camp Shands Fees

  • Total $215 if paid in full by 5/8
  • $50 deposit- 2/6 or 2/13
  • Additional $100 due by 3/31
  • Additional $65 due by 4/28
TK Summer Camp Fees
  • Total $265 if paid in full by 5/1
  • Raised to $290 after 5/1
  • $340 for Water Adventure/High Adventure

NEW assignments for this month:

  • Setup: Vipers  (Arrive 15 minutes early so you have time to set up)
  • Opening/Closing: Thunderbirds
  • Cleanup: Patrick Stars

Upcoming Events:

  • February 7: Young Singers Event. We will be presenting the colors at Okeeheelee Park at around 7AM. See Mr. Thompson’s post for more details.
  • February 8: Scout Sunday.
  • February 21: Remote control airplane event. We will be providing concessions
  • February 27-March 1: Cracker Trail.   Sign-Ups cost $10 to attend! The patrols should also start working on their wagons.
  • March 27-29: Oklawaha campout. We will be doing wilderness survival activities.

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