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Cracker Trail Attendees

Hi Troop 215,

Please see the list of names below. These are the people I have signed up for going to the Cracker Trail Campout. Please let me know if I am missing you or if you are no longer able to go. I have to finalize all of the signup tomorrow.


Paul Freeman


Cracker Trail Attendees
Patrick Stars
Collin Unruh
Josiah Christians
Andy Thomas
Connor Marcellus
Jimmy Thompson
Thomas Crichton
Drew Hurley
Caleb Webb
Jay Unruh
Cole Freeman
Charlie Crichton
Evan Kacprowicz
Josh Katz
Geoff Thomas
JD McCallum
Shane Wooley
John Robert Weaver
William Weaver
Vincent Weiss
Clay Freeman
Dillon Arrieta
Cory Evans
Eric Fullilove
Nick Boekholder
Kyle Webb
Leaders registering with the troop (not volunteering)
Jim Putnik
Martha Hurley
Steven Smith
Leaders Registering as Staff
Art Weiss
Paul Freeman
Jason Boekholder

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