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PLC Reminders, Additional Info

Hello Everyone!
If you are going to the PLC, we have a list of things to discuss. These things are as follows:
♦We need to come up with a second objective for the Oklawaha campout, so we can have an activity plan for new crossovers, and scouts that do not want to take part in wilderness survival.
♦We need to have a basic meeting plan for march.
♦Let’s come up with ideas for a May campout!
♦We must come up with a new fundraising idea, some ideas are: Hoffman’s Chocolates, Beef Jerky, and collecting used ink cartridges for recycling.
Please bring ideas to the PLC, with some basic information about what you would like to propose. The more information that we have, the more it will help us make plans for the near future. The PLC will be this Thursday, 2/5, at 7:00. We will meet at grace Presbyterian church.

Cole Freeman

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