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Northern Tier

I have had a couple of questions about the 2016 trip to Northern Tier. Attached is the application for the trip… I am working hard to try to get a 2nd crew added to the trip however at this point I have been continually told no, that they are already full with a waiting list. These applications need to be completed and turned in Tuesday at the beginning of the meeting… you can also email them to me at After we get the applications on Tuesday we will process them and if everyone that applies meets the base criteria and we have more than the 4 open spots Jim and I decided that the fairest way to give out the spots is that we will hold a blind drawing to see who will get to open spots…This will be announced Tuesday at the end of the meeting the $125 Deposit will be due in 1 week.

Troop 215 Northern Tier Application


Please call me with any questions


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