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Announcements for 2/24/15

Meeting Details: Wear Class A, bring a drinking cup.  This Tuesday, Pack 241’s crossover will coincide with the meeting, so several troop members, including Mr. Putnik and Mr. Freeman, will not be present at the meeting. Patrols must finish their chuck wagons, review materials and delegate members to bring items, review Cracker Trail skills with patrol, and make a confirmed meal plan for the campout that includes Friday cracker barrel, Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast.

This Tuesday the 24th is advancement cutoff, make sure all advancements are turned in to Mrs. Crichton. With Mr. Putnik and Mr. Freeman away and everything else going on, we need all hands on deck on Tuesday night to oversee patrols and BORs. ASMs and Committee members, please be prepared to help!

The troop is selling camp cards, talk to Mrs. Katz to turn in your money or leftover cards, and please do your best to help sell!

We crossed over 4 new Webelos last Friday from Pack 296 into 215, make sure you make them feel welcome! 2 more will be crossed over from Pack 241 on Tuesday and there will be more visiting and crossovers to come! Keep doing a great job and make Troop 215 the troop to join!

Camp Shands Fees

  • Total $215 if paid in full by 5/8
  • $50 deposit- 2/13
  • Additional $100 due by 3/31
  • Additional $65 due by 4/28
TK Summer Camp Fees
  • Total $265 if paid in full by 5/1
  • Raised to $290 after 5/1
  • $340 for Water Adventure/High Adventure

Assignments for this month:

  • Setup: Vipers  (Arrive 15 minutes early so you have time to set up)
  • Opening/Closing: Thunderbirds
  • Cleanup: Patrick Stars

Upcoming Events:

  • February 27-March 1: Cracker Trail. We will meet at Grace at 5:00 to load wagons and gear, with a presumed departure time of 5:30 on Friday the 27th. We estimate returning late Sunday morning at about 10 or 11, but make sure parents are aware of changes via call or text.
  • March 27-29: Oklawaha campout. We will be doing wilderness survival activities. For scouts who would rather not engage in wilderness survival, we will be teaching the Fireman chit and Totin Chip. It will cost $28.00 for food and transportation. Sign Ups cost $26 and finish March 10th.
  • April 24-26: River Raft Regatta. March 24th is the Early Bird deadline for the River Raft Regatta campout. The early bird price is $41 unless troop funds go to lower the price.

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