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Camp Cards

Dear Fellow Parents and Scouts:

  Council has sent the e-mail below. If you have any cards and you don’t think you

will be able to sell them please bring them to the meeting on Tuesday.

(Please see below)


From: Janet Norwillo [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 9:43 PM
To: ‘Christianne Yentz’
Subject: A word from your Council Camp Card Chair



Hi Scouts!!!

I write to you as the Gulf Stream Council Camp Card Chair.


Please be aware that many Units are out of Camp Cards (which is a wonderful predicament to be in).  They have all been distributed and are currently in the Scouts’ hands.  However, the Council is out as well. And many Scouts are looking for more to sell.


If you are a Scout that has cards and know in your heart that you do not plan to sell the cards you are currently holding, please turn them in at your earliest to your Unit Camp Card Chair.  There are many Scouts that are depending on this fundraiser to fund their Scout Account.  Those who are realizing this opportunity want to take full advantage.  PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON YOUR CARDS!!!!!! 


FYI:  Last year on the Council level 100,000 cards were distributed; and even after repeatedly requesting for cards, over 40,000 cards were returned at the end of the campaign.  It is evident that Scouts simply just sat on them and when they realize the Units were accountable for them, they returned them at the end.  We would rather have them NOW than later.


Please – either SELL them OR RETURN them within the next two weeks to your Unit Chair!  THANK YOU.


My Congratulations to all those who are taking advantage of this campaign.  Keep up the good work!!!!  Many of you are getting closer to ‘earning your way’ to your ideal Scouting camping experience.


Yours in Scouting, Janet Norwillo

Gulf Stream Council Camp Card Chair


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