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Last Call For Early Bird Registration for River RAFT

April 24-26

If your name is  not on this list and you would like to attend River Raft Regatta Please let me know tonight! Thursday 3/26 so that I can add you to the list at the $25 rate.   

Adults:   Mr. Freeman,  Mr. Putnik, Mrs. Webb

The following boys have already registered

Cole and Clay


Camrron C

Kyle and Caleb


Chris and Jimmy


Eric P \

Geoff and Andrew

James T



Nick B

Dillon A

Thomas and Charles


Connor M.

2 comments to Last Call For Early Bird Registration for River RAFT

  • Sherri Fullilove

    Eric Fullilove would like to go to the River Raft Regatta at the early bird rate

  • Mr. T. Kacdrowicz

    Hi – My son Evan Kacprowicz had signed up one of the earlier sign up sheets, but we don’t see his name on this list. I would appreciate it if you could add him. I did give a check to Reece on Tuesday to cover the $25 early bird fee.


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