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10 mile bike hike

On Saturday, April 4th, we are doing a 10-mile bike hike. I am planning it, and the new scouts will get the requirement for 2nd class. I also need it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I would like to ask all of the scouts going to bring a hat, sunscreen, LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER, trail food, a bike (of course), a map, a compass, and something to put in a geocache (This is optional) because we might find a geocache. The hike is at Apoxee on Jog Road just north of Okeechobee (see attached map). Meet me at 7:45am. We should be done around 10am. This is a good requirement for the new scouts, so it would be wise for you guys to come. 🙂


Please email me at if you are planning to attend – so I don’t leave you behind.

SC-(Scribe Collin)  Apoxee 10 mile Bike Hike

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