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Shands Roster

These are the 23 scouts who are currently on the sign-up sheet for Shands: JD, Kai, Caleb, Kyle, Drew, Cole, Jay, Collin, Will, John Robert, Andy, Geoffrey, Joshua, Charlie, Connor, Dillon, Vincent, Eric, Cory, Josiah, Camrron, Hunter, Brandon(Mikey) – If you haven’t paid in full yet, you need to pay by Tuesday to avoid paying the higher fee for late registration unless special arrangements have been made with Mrs. Leach or Mrs. Freeman.

5 Adults who will be registered (The adult price will be $80) Mr. Putnik, Mr. McCallum, Steven, Mrs. Katz, Mrs. Hourigan. ***All payments, adult training, registrations, health forms, etc.. must be in order in order to attend camp***Scouts & Adults: If you are planning to attend and your name is not on this list or if you are not planning to attend and your name is on this list, please notify Mrs. Webb & Mrs. Freeman immediately. & Thank you!

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