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TK Summer Camp – Pre-requisites

For The boys going to TK Summer Camp  Please see your schedule below.  There are a number of items that need to be completed before summer camp.  

Don’t forget your Blue Cards

Charlie Crichton Pioneering Basketry Pulp and Paper Fish and Wildlife Management Fire Safety Oceanography
JD McCallum Digital Technology Medicine Dog Care Electricity Reptile and Amphibian Study Plumbing
Shane Wooley Search and Rescue Basketry Environmental Science  Wood Carving  Enerrgency Preparedness
Josiah C Fishing Cooking  Music Astronomy Energy
Jimmy Thompson  SCUBA


Please double check the camp guide located on the Council website, just in case I missed any thing.

Pioneering comlpleted certain tenderfoot and first class requirements
Digital Technology none
Search and Rescue 4,5, 6a
Medicine 7a, 10
Basketry purchase kit from trading post
Pulp and Paper none
Dog Care 4 & 8
Environmental Science 3e (1 or2) , 3f,6
Fish and wildlife Management 8
Electricity 2, 8, 9a 00
Fire Safety 6,11,12
Reptile and Amphibian Study 8
Wood Carving  purchase kit from trading post
Oceanography 500 word report or 5 minute speech pertaining to Oceanography
Plumbing none
Enerrgency Preparedness 2c, 7, 8
Fishing  none
Cooking 5,6,7
Astronomy 5
Energy 1 (bring Article) 4,5,6

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