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Cyber Chip-High School Scouts

Hello everyone,
This Thursday June 18, my dad will be leading a Cyber Chip class at 6:30 Pm, at our house. Cyber Chip is a program, similar to the Totin Chip and Fireman Chit that goes over internet safety and use. Many scouts(Charlie C., Cameron O., Andy T., Vincent W. Etc.) need this for summer camp classes that cover programming, and other computer related merit badges. The class will include some videos, and in the class, we will prepare a presentation to share with others. Other high school scouts are welcome, even if they do not need it presently. Please let me or my dad know if you can come. If people can come early, maybe we can cook some hot dogs before class. 🙂 We may need some extra ADULT help for two deep leadership, especially before my dad gets home from work. Please contact me at 561-685-7018, or e-Mail me at, or my dad at 561-685-7671, or e-Mail him at

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