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Great news!!! WE made close to $100 on the aluminum, copper wire and metal that was outside of C6 & at the Unruhs. 

Keep the aluminum, copper and metal coming. Soon we will have separate blue barrels for aluminum cans, copper and metal. Just as soon as someone with a sawzal will volunteer for the project.

In the mean time, please continue to rinse the cans, and put them in the large plastic trash cans outside of C6.

Thank you once again to all who contributed cans and the Unruhs for storing the cans.


2 comments to $$$$$$

  • Avatar photo Mr. A. Weiss


    Sawsal? Angle Grinder? I think we may have some of those….

    What is needed of them?

  • Mr. E. Aronowitz

    I will volunteer to cut the barrels. It is better with a jigsaw and plastic blade. I am unavailable next week, but upon my return, I will cut the three barrels if that is what the troop wants. Just let me know.



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