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air show fundraiser

Fellow Scouts,The event is on Apr 28 and 29 in Fort Lauderdale. You must be on station from 0700 hrs thru 1800 hrs (6pm) both days. You are expected to have at least 1 adult and 3 others in each booth. You will be given an inventory of bottled water and soda, you will also be given cash to make change. If you drink the water or soda you will have to pay for it. ( I suggest we bring our own supply) You can buy food at the show but you may want to bring your own. we will earn 10% of gross sales, net of sales tax. Robert Masiker Venture 215 Adviser is providing this opportunity to man two booths at the air show. The idea [of leadership] is to get people working together, because they instinctively want to do it for the troop. This needs to be a troop effort. the air show hasn’t been around for five years the last show had 3 million spectators on the beach. we will work out the details on shifts so no one gets stuck at the booth all day.The money raised will go toward summer camp travel expenses. we will discuss our options on organizing this project in the coming weeks.

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