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NYLT equals Wood Badge for Youth!

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is the highest level of training that a council can offer its youth. The week long course takes place at Camp Tanah Keeta and models exactly how a troop should be run, BY YOUTH!!! It provides skills necessary for youth to be successful in leading their troop. All of this is done while doing fun activities around camp that help to create leaders.

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2 comments to NYLT equals Wood Badge for Youth!

  • Mr. D. Katz

    Has anyone in this troop taken this course yet…And is it geared towards older scouts?

    I am asking because we are currently looking at a leadership program called “The Education Unlimited Program” at Stamford and others like it, which offer 2 different leadership courses (one for Junior High and one for high school students).

    So if you or your boy has taken NYLT, please look at the following link and let me know which you feel would be a better fit for a 13 year old.

    I am looking forward to your feedback.

  • Mr. Fullilove

    Most of the scouts in Troop 215 who are First Class or higher have been through NYLT. It is not recommended for younger scouts. NYLT is the Boy Scouts youth leadership development training. It provides a standardized training in a number of leadership ideas and skills. As with most things in Boy Scouts, it is youth run with adult supervision.

    The first part of the leadership training takes place at the troop level with Intro to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILS). NYLT is the next step. The third step is NAYLE (National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience) which is held at Philmont.

    I don’t know about other youth leadership programs so I can’t offer advice about those.

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