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Summer Camp Update

Good afternoon Happy Campers,

T- minus 4 days and counting until Summer Camp blast off. For a full list of items to bring in your summer camp box, consult the Forms, Camping Packing List on the website. Review the below and plan accordingly.

  • Loading the trailer at 8:00 am on Sunday for a 8:30 am departure. 
  • Weather forecast is for 50% chance of rain.
  • Pack a lunch for the trip up to camp, we are stopping at a rest stop along the highway for a picnic.
  • Bring your spirit night items, see earlier post for details.
  • Bring money for the trip back, we are stopping at McD’s, Burger King or Chick Fil A, Taco Bell is against the rules in Guide to Safe Scouting (just kidding)
  • Hope to leave camp on Saturday by 9:00am and return to Grace by 2:00pm.


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