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Camp Shands Drivers

A big thank you to those who are willing to give of their time.  The trip to camp will be transporting 20/23 scouts. and  5/5 adults

Hurley – 5 seats

Ptunik- 4 seats

McCallum 8 seats and trailer

Katz 4 seats

Unruch 5 seats


Returning 22/23 scouts and 4/5 adults

Ptunik- 4 seats

McCallum 8 seats and trailer

Katz 4 seats

Weaver 6 seats

Webb/Freeman  4 seats

11 comments to Camp Shands Drivers

  • Mr. D. Katz


    I have a question…This list shows full capacity for all transport vehicles both ways…

    And this number does not including 28 foot lockers, 28 backpacks, 20plus mosquito net frames, 20 plus bed rolls, 28 sleeping bags and other supplies needed for merit badges (ie-fishing poles and such).

    In short, “What is the storage capacity of our trailer” (dimensions and weight limits) ?

  • Avatar photo Mr. A. Weiss

    Scouts should NOT need to bring both a foot locker and a backpack. The sleeping bags and other stuff are usually stored IN the footlocker or the backpack. The Patrol boxes and all other unnecessary equipment has been removed from the trailer. We’ve stored more in there before. We also do have trunk space in some cars, or pickup beds, but most likely, those will not be needed.

  • Mr. D. Katz

    Thanks for your response, but my question was:

    If we are filling our vehicles to capacity, will the trailer be able to accommodate ALL OF THE GEAR THAT OUR SCOUTS WANT TO TAKE ?

    This is not a 30 minute trip to TK or a 10 minute trip to IBEW…So I think it’s a reasonable question.

    Scouting Be Prepared!!!

  • Mr. Awesome

    We have hauled the trailer for groups of 30-40 for summer camp. There should be no issue with space to haul gear. The trailer is 6×12 with an interior height of 6 or 6.5 feet.

  • Mr. D. Katz

    Thank you Scott…The measurements are appreciated…

    I am just trying to avoid any potential departure problems that could otherwise be avoided…

    Looking from the outside on Tuesday night and then at the new foot lockers (which are 20% larger), I still have my doubts…And hope that I am wrong.

    The new foot locker sizes would only allow 3 or 4 across by 3 or 4 back and 3 high…And then the water coolers and whatever other gear the scouts have.

  • Mr. Awesome

    It should not be a problem, everyone should be able to get all or a fair majority of their gear into the footlocker save for maybe a fishing pole. If they have a daypack there’s no problem with it sitting at their feet or in their lap. Smaller items like poles and sleeping bags can fill the void space. There should be no reason to have more than a trunks worth of gear as they are only going for 6 days. A scout is definitely prepared but he is also thrifty. Bringing all the camp gear they need is different from all the camp gear they want.

  • Camrron

    What time do I need to be at the church on Sunday so that I can be sure to have transportation?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar photo Mr. A. Weiss

    8AM more info in the post a few below, please read it:

  • Michael Rossi

    Do the kids need to bring mess kits?

  • Avatar photo Mr. A. Weiss

    Although main meals are in the mess hall, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Also, if your scout is taking camping, cooking, or one of the first year programs, they may need to use their mess kits for that. Additionally, there may be opportunities for snacks and other outside-mealtime feedings where a mess kit may come in handy.

    So, yes, pack it.

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