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Troop 215,

Its almost time for my Annual Military Service Event (POW-MIA-OREE). POW-MIA-OREE stands for Prisoner of War – Missing in Action – Outdoor Recreational Environmental Education.

For those of you that don’t know, I created this event last year, to live read the names of all the soldiers buried at the South Florida National Cemetery and to leave a challenge coin for their loved ones to know that their soldier has not been forgotten. All to support National POW-MIA Remembrance Day.

It is not a glory event, but it has grown to grab the attention of ours and many more scouting districts, The Veterans Cemetery, Politicians, local and national media.

This is my second annual POW-MIA-OREE Event. And for those that attended last years event, its gonna be bigger with more news coverage then last year, we even invited Boys Life Magazine this year.

The date is Saturday September 12, from 8am-11:30am, at the South Florida National Cemetery.


Joshua Katz, Life Scout
BSA Troop 215

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