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Training opportunities

Every boy deserves a well trained leader. Below are upcoming training opportunities.

University of Scouting                         9/12/2015

Position Specific  (SM/ASM)             9/26/2015

Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills          10/2 -4/2015  More adults the merrier, need at least 1 adult per campout with IOLS.

Position specific (SM/ASM)              10/17/2015

IOLS                                                         1/8-10/2016

Wood Badge  (the BEST training BSA has locally, must have IOLS in order to attend) 2/19-21/2016 & 3/18-20/2016.

Kindly review your schedules and make every effort to attend some or all of the above training. In order to be re-chartered as a Committee member you must have Youth Protection and the web based Committee training completed. In order to be re-chartered as a ASM, you must have YP and Position Specific (SM/ASM) training.

For exact location and times of classes, go to and click on the links for calendar or register for Training.


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