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SAW 2015 – Better, more detailed info

Mrs. Unruh wrote up a much better more descriptive info on SAW.   The only thing to add is that there are A LOT of people there, and TONS show up for the day.  That means you should try to get there a bit early, more details on that as we get closer.
Scout Advancement Weekend is November 21st.
The Troop will be registering for the Day-ONLY (not camping) for $35. Deadline is October 20th for early bird pricing.
If you would like to go to Scout Advancement Weekend, please look through the merit badges, pick your six most coveted merit badges, list your shirt size, and show up with a $35 registration fee on one of the next two Tuesday evenings. Classes are held at Tanah Keeta and run from 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. Some classes are all day classes.  No official transportation will be provided by the troop, but there are several adult leaders that will be teaching merit badge classes Saturday and could assist with transportation if you need it. (Ask Mr. Freeman for more information on that. It would most likely require a very early (7am or earlier) departure to TK on Saturday morning.
Please review the link with the merit badges listed.

Many MBs require prerequisites, so choose wisely and complete the pre-reqs before you get there! And bring the proof with you! (Studies have shown that scouts who do not complete their prerequisites linger for EONS in limbo with merit badges not completed. Don’t let it happen to you…

What you need to know/have before you sign up:
Your Name:
Your Merit Badge Choices: (in order of preference – because you may not get your first choices. There are over 1,000 participating Scouts vying for merit badges. We “Do our Best”, but “Be Prepared”.)
Your T-shirt Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL (They don’t usually order Youth size T-shirts; adult size only available.)
Where Your Registration Fee Is Coming From:  $35 (includes patch, t-shirt, lunch, and activities)
Thank you all for continuing to grow and learn as Boy Scouts. You are some of the BEST young men on the planet!!

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