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** Attention Patrols!   We have a last weekend challenge for our Patrols!  The Patrol with the highest Sales this weekend is in for a Ice Cream or Pizza party!   ** Remember, out top individuals will still receive chances for “Pie in the Face” for Mr. Putnik!

How do we win?  Simply sign up to sell at one of the locations below.  You can sign up for any location below.  Here is the tentative schedule so far for this weekend-  We are looking for at minimum (2) scouts and Adults for each shift.

*WHICH PATROL WILL BE THE WINNER!   You can’t Win if you don’t sign up!!!  Ice Cream or Pizza sounds real good right now!

Better yet-Pies in the Face of Mr. Putnik sound pretty good as well!



PUBLIX   ( 10 am to 2 pm)   Location adopted by the “BATS” Patrol

10-12 noon Shift-                 Adult:   Ms. Leah             Scouts:   Josiah  C.,   Nicholas B.

12-2pm Shift –               OPEN   Adult and Scouts

DUFFY’S   (  5 pm  – 9 pm)    Location adopted by the “T-BIRDS” Patrol

5 – 9 pm   Shift                  Adult:   Freeman’s          Scouts:     Cole and Clay Freeman

7-9 pm    Shift                   Adult:   Mr. Faircloth        Scouts:    Adrian F.


SUNDAY Oct 25th

PUBLIX   ( 10 am  to 2 pm) 

10 am – ???                      Adult:   Scott M.      Scouts:    Connor M.,  Nicholas B.

  **   NEED ADULTS AND SCOUTS to cover this location!


DUFFY’S  (  1 pm  – 3 pm)             Adult:   Art Weiss       Scouts:      Vincent W., Nicholas B.  and William Weaver(coming at 2 pm)

(  3 pm- 6pm)                Cub Scouts-  susie


** IMPORTANT INFORMATION-  If scouts have ORDER FORMS-  Please bring Tuesday night with your money!  We need to identify what product fills we need for the Order Deliveries.

Any questions, please let me know!  Let’s Make this a great Final Popcorn Blitz for our Troop!


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