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More saw info

From the email sent to the committee:

SAW is this weekend,  here's some highlights from the guide and other tips.

- There is no coordinated transportation, please arrange for your scouts 
transportation to and from camp
- Check in is between 7:30 am and 8:30 am.   There will be a line of 
traffic to get in to camp.  Please plan accordingly.
- Classes will start at 9am
- Please wear Class A (some classes require it)
- KNOW your schedule!  Attached is our troop's schedule.
- scouts should bring filled out merit badge cards, which includes a 
leader's signature
- Remember standard camp rules, no open toed shoes, etc.
- Classes will end around 6pm
- Lunch is provided, please bring water bottle
- Remember rain gear and sunscreen

Vincent & I are camping, I may have more information tonight. Most 
likely Vincent will be at the main area to hand out wristbands and check 
you in for our troop.  Please look for him or others within our troop 
when you arrive.   Remember, I am teaching, and Vincent has classes, we 
will NOT be waiting for you at the expense of our responsibilities.  He 
will be in signs, signals, and codes for the AM class.   I will be 
teaching down at clear lake.

Have a great time!

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