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Palm Beach Dog Show Fundraiser

Troop 215:                                                                                                                                           Dog Show Pic New

The Annual Dog show event is coming up.    Saturday March 12th  and Sunday March 13th at the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Bldg.   This is a fun event for all our scouts, adults and leaders! Class B is required for all scouts- comfortable shoes!   Adult Leaders (Supervisors) Class A is required.  No strollers or children under age 8.

Scouts will be volunteering to assist during the Dog Show.  There will be (2) shifts  on both days  (Morning and afternoon shift).  Parking is FREE for this fund-raiser.  Morning shift scouts and adults will receive a free lunch.   Afternoon shifts need to eat before they arrive.  There is a concession stand on site for drinks and food.

Approximately 1100 dogs will come through this event on both days.  The dogs are show dogs competing for Pedigree points to advance to the National Westminister Dog Show!

Our scouts will receive Community Service Hours and can apply this service to the requirements for the Dog Care and Veterinary Medicine Merit Badges!

Our Troop will receive a significant donation from the Palm Beach Dog Show organization!

Sign up Sheets will be Tuesday night!   If we don’t fill the slots needed, I will need to reach out to another troop to split the donation with!  I would like nothing more than to give 100% back to our Troop 215!


Also-  Any adults or scouts available Thursday March 10th in the afternoon for a couple hours to help lay tape in the Expo Bldg for the dog rings will be appreciated!

More information to come.  I have attached a copy of the flyer below!


Susie Metzler                      Dog Show Flyer

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