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Olustee Update for Scouts

Helpful information for this weekend:


There will be 3 meals for which the scouts (and adults) need to carry their own money:

  • Lunch in the state park on Saturday
  • Lunch in the state park on Sunday
  • Dinner during the return trip on Sunday evening

As usual, dinner should be taken care of before departure Friday.

There will be Civil War era souvenirs at the state park as well.


We have several forms missing on Scouts. This is just a reminder. I am sure everyone has a plan to turn these in tonight.


  • Sergio G.

Activity Consent:

  • Charles C.
  • Ethan C.
  • Cory E.
  • Clay F.
  • Cole F.
  • Eric P.
  • Andy T.
  • Geoffrey T.
  • Vincent W.
  • Shane W.

Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh

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