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La-No-Che MB Requests


There are still a few discrepancies in the MB list that should be clarified. LNC is working to correct the leaders guide, but it won’t happen before Tuesday. On the alphabetical master list (pp. 26-28) there are a number of MBs missing. Please check the chart I am posting here for additional options.

The NOVA awards are a special BSA award given to scouts who have ALREADY earned certain STEM-related MBs. Those classes are for Scouts having already earned the required MBs. Check the provided link for more information. They lead to Supernova Dr. Bernard Harris and Supernova Thomas Edison.


Other errors in addition to STEM list:

  • Auto Maintenance 9am or 10am
  • ATV Adventure (14yo+) 1:30 & 2:30
  • Advanced Rifle 10am (not 9am) $35
  • Advanced Shotgun 9am AND 10am (2 hours – not only 9am) $130
  • Adventure Quest (ATV, and Climb/Rappel) (9am thru 11am – 3 classes, not just 2 classes) $50
  • Geocaching has 2 classes – 10am OR 11am

So, if you have already submitted your requests, please double check that there is nothing on this list that you would rather take than your already submitted requests.


Mrs. Unruh

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