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Patrol Change

Good evening Troop 215. Tonight the patrols of three have been dropped down to two. This is the list of the patrols.

Patrol 1 Patrol 2 *Road to 1st Class Regiment
James M – PL Connor M – PL Cole F – Troop Guide
Geoffrey T Charlie C Adrian F
Cory E Andy T Collin U
Shane W Jay Unruh Ethan C
Eric P Clay F Hunter R
Vincent W Evan K John W
Josiah C Will W Sergio G
Cole F Cameron O Raj H
Collin U Adrian F
John W Hunter R
Ethan C Sergio G
Raj H Nick B

*Important note for those wondering.[Those under 1st class(New addition, Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class) have been added to the Road to 1st class regiment. This class led by Cole Freeman will instruct and teach these scouts and help them reach 1st class in a quick and efficient manner. This does not mean that these scouts will not be a part of a patrol, just that these scouts will spend most of their time understanding the material and reaching 1st class. However, these scouts will be a part of planning meals and events, and will also take part in their patrol during campouts.]

Hopefully with the River Raft Regatta, these patrols will be able to bond and grow. Have a good night and see you next Tuesday.


SPL William Weaver


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