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Raft Requirements-Patrol 2

Hello Patrol 2, this is Connor Marcellus.

Because of the fact that we are planning to construct the raft next week, we need to ensure certain things happen:

1- When and where can we build it?   I am fairly sure that we could build it in my backyard, it has enough room.

2- Design plan- We need to finalize the design of our boat on Tuesday evening.

3- What materials do we need for it?- We need to determine what we need, be it lumber, duct tape, etc. And who will bring it on Saturday.


We also need to make sure that someone is responsible for bringing the following tools-

•PFDs (Personal Flotation Device)

•12ft rope

•Visual Signal (e.g. bright orange flag)

•Audio Signal (e.g. whistle, air horn)

•Bailing bucket/can


I will make calls discussing this tomorrow and we will also discuss this during the meeting on Tuesday.

Thank you,

-Connor Marcellus

By the way, don’t forget crazy hat day.

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