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Pine Wood Derby

Good Morning troop 215. This Tuesday the whole troop will be meeting at the Palm Beach Carlisle(Carlisle Palm Beach 450 East Ocean Avenue Lantana, FL 33462). We are to meet at the Carlisle at 6:45pm, and will be starting at 7:00pm. Please bring any pine wood derby cars you may have as we will need it. Come in Class A uniform, and be prepared to help the residents, be part of the color guard, and help with the track.

About Parking: There are two options we have available to us.  Now, some of the parking spots in the plaza belong to the Carlisle, and we have been given permission to use the spots. These spots are across the street by the bushes, and these are the only spots owned by the Carlisle. Lastly we can take spots in the Carlisle that are off to the side of the road, we are NOT to use the parking spots labeled reserved. I will make sure someone is in both spots directing people where to park and where to go from there.

I hope to see everybody at the Carlisle and wish you the best of travels.


SPL William Weaver

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