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Treasury Needs Help

Howdy Families! I’m preparing to send out updated financial statements. I need to share some facts. Due to summer camp balances, at the moment, scouts owe the troop $6000. Our policy is to be as flexible about the timing of payments as the troop checkbook balance allows, but in the last few weeks we’ve made the balance of payments for Northern Tier which eliminated the cash flow cushion we’ve had over the last six months. In the next few weeks, we need to pay over $5000 to TK and Lanoche for the balance of the June summer camps. In order to continue to be flexible, I am asking the families who are able to pay their balances tonight or next week to do so. If your balance is significant, please consider paying a portion of it. Please know that this is not directed at any particular family or situation, but about 20 of us, my family included- Also, this doesn’t mean the troop is in financial difficulty, we just need some payments.

New Scout Families, I have added the $10 May dues to your accounts beginning this month. Please see me tonight if you don’t receive the statement today to the email you prefer.

Thanks in advance! Mrs. Freeman

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