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Tk Summer Camp

Good evening,

We are a little over 3 weeks away from the single most amazing summer camp experience in the history of ever!

Tonight the SPL for camp will share some information about what to bring to camp, what not to bring to camp, and will talk about spirit days.We have brought home the spirit award 3 years running!

Parents of campers, please follow this link to the council’s summer camp page for more detailed information  Refer to the Leader’s Guide for any info on merit badges, packing lists, contact info, etc.

Please, by all means, call me at 561-541-6685 or email if you have any questions, concerns, or pertinent info you may need to pass on to me about your camper. I do intend to be at next weeks meeting to answer any questions or meet any parents who I have not yet.

On behalf of Mrs. Carnes and myself, we truly appreciate the opportunity to continue bringing Troop 215 to Tk for summer camp. Tanah Keeta has been our council home since 1953 and I personally grew up there as a scout attending 5 years of summer camp and countless weekends with my troop and the OA. Mrs. Carnes and I now spend as many summers and weekends there as grown folk. Combined we have over 20 years experience in leading groups to summer camp and we have not lost a single scout yet!

Thank you, YIS

Mr. Awesome (Scott Leikala)



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