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TK Summer Camp

For those attending Tk Summer Camp we will be meeting at Grace Church at 1:30 PM Sunday June 19th.

  • If you have not yet turned in your health forms you MUST have them with you at departure!
  • If you do not have a signed permission slip turned in I will have copies with me.
  • If you are doing any activity in the COPE or Climbing area there is a separate permission slip, I will have copies with me.
  • Grown people, please check with me when you drop off to make sure we have all paperwork in order.
  • If you have any meds please make sure you have enough for the entire week and bring them in their original containers all in a zip-loc type bag. Meds will be given to the camp health officer and administered from the health lodge.

We are 1 week away! If there are any questions please contact me at 561-541-6685 or


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