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Tanah Keeta Summer Camp (Provisonal)

Hello Scouts and Parents,

Although the troop is not attending Tanah Keeta Summer Camp, You can still attend!!!! If you would like to attend you can go as a “Provisional Scout”!

What is a Provisional Scout? A provisional scout is a scout that attends summer camp without his troop, upon his arrival he will be put into a troop of other provisional scouts and they will act as a unit for the duration of the week. The provisional scoutmaster and assistant scoutmasters are on Tanah Keeta Staff, this ensures safety and provides a great knowledge of the camp and its programs.

Why Tanah Keeta? TK is our home camp and there is no better way to support our home camp then to send our scouts to summer camp there. This year under the direction of a new leadership team, the Tanah Keeta Staff have put together a great program themed “Hot Carribean Nights” to ensure scouts, scouters, and staff all have a great time. This years features include:

  • Over 40 Merit Badges offered through 6 sessions.
  • More than just Merit Badges – camp wide Treasure Hunt on Thursday afternoon, Campfires, Troop activities, OA fellowship, Adult training, free time in program areas, and FUN with your friends.
  • And Free Bug Netting

For those of you who are newer scouts, the WINGS programs Pirate Training School is a great way to get your first year camper program out of the way so that you can take other merit badges when you go with the troop. Its not just your normal boring first year camper program, this year the WINGS staff have taken a special interest in making sure the first year program is 100% productive and 200% fun!

But Wait there is more!!!!!

Now for a limited time EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION IS EXTENDED!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy Tanah Keeta’s LOW LOW PRICING UNTIL APRIL 20th!!!!! That’s Right only $270.00 a week for summer camp if you register by April 20th, after that it goes up to $300.00

Tanah Keeta Summer Camp is offering 3 weeks of summer camp this year:

Week 1: June 17th-23rd

Week 2: June 24th-30th

Week 3: July 1st-7th (No Longer LDS Week)

To Register to GO PRO! Visit and click the provisional camper link!

If you have any questions please see me at one of the troop meetings.

Ian W.


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