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Our final night at camp.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages! The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the final daily update from Camp Tanah Keeta. Earlier today, any loose ends were tied up in the merit badge and instructional areas. Then after lunch the troop participated in the Tk Triathlon, our SPL Shane and myself competed in the SPL/Scoutmaster Challenge, and our ASM David was loaned to the provisional troop so they could compete as well. Later some of our families visited for dinner and were treated to a star-studded campfire program. Once again we are coming home with an honor troop award. We are now winding down and are a mere wakeup away from heading home.

Parents, a few notes, we are shooting for a noon-ish arrival at Grace but it is highly dependent on the checkout process. We will put out calls when we are leaving camp.

Now on to important advice for dealing with post camp normalization:

If your scout is speaking only in grunts, prefers to sleep on the floor, eats anything growing in the yard, runs out into a rainstorm with a bar of soap, digs holes for no apparent reason, lecures you on the buddy system, “fixes” everything with duct tape, uses strange accents, sings repetitive songs, give him time he will readjust.

Mamas, you’re boys are men. They are 2 inches taller, they may or may not have grown beards, and they have the skills to field dress a wounded patrol mate.

This week has been an absolute pleasure for Mrs. Carnes, Mr. Wysong, and myself. Thank you all from the bottom of our collective hearts for once again giving us to opportunity to take your men to Tk. A place very dear to us and hopefully to them as well.20160624_223529

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