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Troop Lock In

Good evening Troop 215

Tomorrow the troop lock-in will begin. The lock-in will take place at Grace in the sanctuary. Scouts should begin to arrive at 7pm. Scouts should expect the program to end around 6pm the following day. However, this is the first idea session the troop has held in several years, thus expect an early finishing time. Parent phone numbers will be collected to be able to call/text the parents in the case of an early finish. Scouts should bring sleeping gear(sleeping bag, cot, or sleeping pad). Scouts should also bring ideas they may have on the following topics: camping, summer camp, patrol outings, troop events, troop activities, and any ideas that may be useful to help improve the troop. Below I will include the simple meal plan for the event if you are not able to eat a meal, bring a substitution, and we will attempt to refrigerate it. I hope to see you guys tomorrow.



Cracker Barrell: Popcorn


Breakfast: Dunkin Donuts

Lunch: Pizza

Dinner will not be provided at the event, scouts will eat dinner at home.


SPL William Weaver

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