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Pls Respond TODAY – Mystery Campout Roster

Good Afternoon, Troop 215-

Our Scoutmaster’s Mystery Camp Out (9/30-10/2) registration is closed. Mrs. Freeman will be charging accounts $75 for each person registered, but there were a few uncertain sign-ups we need to have verified TODAY if you want to attend.

Everyone intending to go needs to post on this thread today to verify your attendance. Once we book SMP’s SECRET AND AMAZING ACTIVITY, it will be non-refundable. No one will be booked on that activity unless they respond here so that we can be sure you won’t be unintentionally charged.
Please be sure your name is listed below if you want to attend:

  1. SMP
  2. Mr. Awesome – arrives on Saturday
  3. Mr. Fairclough
  4. Mr. Freeman
  5. Mr. Thomas
  6. Eric P.
  7. JD M.
  8. Adrian F.
  9. Ethan C.
  10. Collin U.
  11. Jay U.
  12. Clay F.
  13. Cole F.
  14. Steven Smith
  15. Charlie C.
  16. Geoff T.
  17. Andy T.
  18. Raj H.

Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh

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