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SAW Early Bird Roster

The following scouts are signed up for SAW for the early bird $35 registration fee:

  1. Cole Freeman
  2. Clay Freeman
  3. Raj Halka
  4. Collin Unruh
  5. Jay Unruh
  6. William Weaver
  7. John Robert Weaver
  8. Hunter Rossi
  9. Adrian Fairclough
  10. Alex Cooley
  11. Charles Crichton
  12. Eric Putnik
  13. Ethan Curtis

If you are not on this list and plan to attend, please contact me via email immediately to secure your spot at $35. Without payment to the troop (Mrs. Freeman) by Thursday evening, the price will rise to $45.

Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh


P.S. Just a reminder that this year they will not allow you to register in advance after November 4th. So, if you intend to register in advance, the last opportunity to register with the troop is November 1st. After that, everyone will be required to register at the door (and you’ll have to take your chances with MB classes) for $55.  That does NOT sound fun to me, so allow me encourage you to act NOW.


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