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Family Night Tomorrow

One last list for our Family Fun Night at Off the Wall tomorrow night:

  1. Jay U.
  2. Collin U.
  3. Katey U.
  4. Clay F.
  5. Cole F.
  6. Cassie F.
  7. Shane W.
  8. Adrian F.
  9. Danielle F.
  10. Daniel F.
  11. Brady B.
  12. Josiah C.
  13. Vincent W.
  14. Brennan
  15. Will W.
  16. John Robert W.
  17. Brendan M.
  18. Connor M.
  19. Raj H.

If your name is not listed and you intend to go for the group rate of $25, please reach out to Mrs. Unruh today at 561 827-2220.

Also, please touch base with your driver today if you are riding with another family.

Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh

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