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Sea Base Lottery


As many of you have heard, the troop has entered into the lottery for the summer of 2018 to go to Sea Base. Sea Base is one of the 4 high adventure bases and offers many cool and exciting activities. Our troop has entered to try and get the Keys tall ship adventure. This adventure would be roughly $1000 per scout. This would provide a once in a lifetime experience that you can go on.

Here is a summary of the adventure we entered for:

Sea Exploring (Keys Tall Ship)

Designed for larger groups (either a council contingent or a larger troop), offering your crew the opportunity to experience a sailing adventure of yesteryear. These are large vessels, 75 feet or more, normally gaff-rigged topsail schooners, fully equipped and prepared to provide an unforgettable adventure snorkeling the beautiful Keys’ reefs, fishing, and hands-on sailing as well as a port-o-call in Key West.

For a hands-on sailing adventure voyage, one that is exciting, ruggedly challenging, and excellent for larger groups, pack your sea bag for the Sea Exploring program. This is an eight day event.


It is highly encouraged that you consider going.

The results of the lottery come out March 1st and we have three weeks to sign up to get our spot so please consider going on this awesome adventure.


Charles C.


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