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Camp Woodruff Merit Badge Choices

Good morning, Scouts-

On Wednesday, April 5th, I will be able to submit your merit badge choices for Camp Woodruff. Please take time over the next few days to look over your choices and submit them here online. I will be traveling next week, so I need this to be an online request.

Please submit your choices by Tuesday night. Please make more than one choice per class session since some of the classes are limited in size.

Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh


Here are the scouts and adults I have currently registered for Woodruff:


  • Mr. Freeman
  • Mr. Rossi
  • Mr. Curtis
  • Mr. Fairclough
  • Mr. Smith
  • Mr. G. Thomas, Jr.


  1. Brady B.
  2. Charles C.
  3. Ethan C.
  4. Adrian F.
  5. Clay F.
  6. Cole F.
  7. Raj H.
  8. Brendan M
  9. Connor M.
  10. Hunter R.
  11. Brennan S.
  12. Collin U.
  13. Jay U.
  14. John Robert W.
  15. Will W.






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