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Tanah Keeta Summer Camp – Week 1

Good afternoon, Scouts-

The Troop will be attending Tanah Keeta Summer camp during week 1 – June  18-24.

COST: $280 youth, $100 adult

DUE now: $140 youth, $50 adult

Final payment DUE: May 9th

Here is the tentative roster:


  • Mrs. Carnes
  • Mr. Awesome (S. Leikala)
  • Mr. D. Wysong



  • Josiah C.
  • Sebastian S.
  • Benjamin J.
  • Nick R.
  • Kyle P.
  • Michael M.


Please let me know ASAP if there is anyone else that would like to attend now that we have solidified our attendance date.


In order to register for Merit Badges, the troop in its entirety needs to be paid 50%. Once everyone has submitted their first payment, I will begin to register for Merit Badge classes. Please start looking over the guide now to choose your class preferences.

When you look at the schedule, please remember it is BLOCK scheduling this year.

  • Session 1: Monday morning – 4 hours
  • Session 2: Monday and Tuesday afternoon – 2 hours each
  • Session 3: Tuesday morning – 4 hours
  • Session 4: Wednesday morning – 4 hours
  • Session 5: Wednesday and Thursday afternoon – 2 hours each
  • Session 6: Thursday morning – 4 hours


Find all your TK Summer Camp resources HERE.


Mrs. Unruh



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