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Treasury Notes/Summer Camps/Camp Cards

Camp Card Deadline: Next Tuesday, April 11th is our last troop meeting before we need to turn in our camp card money and extra cards, so tomorrow and next Tuesday are your last chances to bring your money or cards back. If we do not have your cards or money by the deadline, you will be responsible for the full value of the cards.

Woodruff Payments: If you are attending Woodruff, the GA summer camp, your next payment of $150 is due by April 25. (The Final $55 balance will be due 6/27)

Tanah Keeta: We are taking sign-ups for TK  summer camp: Week 1, June 18-June 24. The cost is $280 per scout. The initial $140 is due asap, and the full balance must be paid by May 9. (We cannot register merit badges until we pay 50%, so the sooner we have payments the better for the scouts.)

Please bring all of your questions to the meeting tomorrow night! If questions remain after the meeting, feel free to call or email-, 561-685-7672

Thanks! Mrs. Freeman


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