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Camp Woodruff Merit Badge Selections

Good Evening, Scouts-

Here are your current merit badges on the attached document.

If you have nothing listed, I just haven’t received your merit badge requests, yet. Please let me know ASAP because some classes are filling up.


There are a lot (lots and lots) of super fun activities in the afternoon, and most of these require online sign up as well. If you know you want to climb or shoot during free time, please ask me to sign you up.


Please let me know if you want a troop open swim.


Here again are the AFTERNOON MB choices:


Horsemanship: M/T or W/Th

Motorboating: M/T

Small Boat Sailing: M/T or W/Th

Personal Fitness: M/T or W/Th

Leatherworking: M/T or W/Th

Woodcarving: M/T or W/Th

Basketry: 1 day only – M or T or W

Art: 1 day only – M or T or W

Fingerprinting: 1 day only – M or T or W (1 hour)

Fly Fishing: M/T

Fishing: M/T or W/Th

Welding: M/T/W

First Aid: M/T or W/Th

Signs, Signals, Codes: M/T or W/Th

Orienteering: M/T or W/Th

Brennan – recheck your afternoon classes. You asked for two that were not listed in the afternoon. Let me know what you’d like instead.

Charlie – Can you call me about welding, please?


Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh


Woodruff weekly_schedules (4).xls

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