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Camp Woodruff MB Preparation

Some of the merit badges have special advance considerations. Please check this list to see if your MB is on it:


Fishing equipment WILL NOT be provided. Those wishing to fish must bring their own fishing equipment, tackle and bait. (The only live bait permitted is worms and crickets.) A fishing license is not required. Cane poles are available for purchase at the Trading Post.


The overnighter will be Tuesday night, and is required to complete the badge.


Theses are academic; please make sure scouts takingthese badges can understand the material.


Please come prepared to purchase your handicraft kits at camp from the trading post. They do not accept advance purchases or payments for any kits as a part of your camp fee. (Wood Carving, Theater, Chess)

SHOOTING SPORTS Merit Badge classes are taught during the morning sessions (Archery/Rifle – 1 period, Shotgun – 2 period in lenght), with opportunities to complete the shooting requirements available during the afternoon and evening sessions.


• All shooting sports merit badge participants must attend afternoon and/or evening shooting qualification sessions in order to provide adequate time to develop shooting skills and complete the shooting parts of the merit badge.

• Prior to camp the non-shooting parts of the merit badge requirements should be completed at the local troop level. The non-shooting merit badge requirements may be addressed by completing the appropriate Woodruff Archery, Rifle, or Shotgun Merit Badge packets (WSR Archery MB Packet.pdf, WSR Rifle MB Packet.pdf, WSR Shotgun MB Packet.pdf). There is a high correlation with Scouts earning the merit badge who had completed the non-shooting parts of the merit badge at the local troop level and those that did not do this work prior to Camp. The Woodruff Shooting Sports staff is willing to review the scout’s responses to the non-shooting requirements and will work with the scouts to satisfy the non-shooting merit badge requirements.

• Rifle merit badge requires scouts to clean a rifle. Rifle cleaning opportunity is provided only during the Monday through Thursday afternoon sessions from 2:00 until 4:00. It takes around thirty minutes to clean a rifle. There are no other time frames available in which staff is available for this task and no makeup period is available.

• Archery merit badge requires scouts to make a bowstring. Opportunity to make a bowstring is provided only during the Monday through Thursday afternoon sessions from 2:00 until 4:00. It takes about one hour to make a bowstring. There are no other time frames available in which staff is available for this task and no makeup period is available.


BSA Lifeguard is an all day, full week program. Scouts must be 15 years old to participate. There will also be a prerequisite requirement to swim 550 yards (about a third of a mile) continuously, followed by treading water for two minutes. BSA Lifeguard participants will get one afternoon “off” to go on the troop whitewater trip.


Horsemanship Merit Badge is a two-day merit badge. One day of class is taught at Woodruff as an afternoon session and the other day is conducted offsite at the Ocoee Base Camp. On the “offsite” day, the class leaves at 12:45 pm from the main pavilion. Each Scout gets one offsite activity included in their camp fees: either horsemanship or a river trip.

• After the instruction at the offsite location, a short trail ride is included. A limited number of adults are permitted to watch the offsite instruction, but will not do the trail ride. Adults wishing to ride a horse during the trail ride must pay $40 for the ride.


Under the Laurel Mountain Heritage Program, Scouts will have the opportunity to earn two merit badges, Woodworking and Metalworking. This “combo” merit badge is 3 morning periods in length.


Participants in the Mountain Man Program should bring following items for program purposes:


  • Scout Handbook
  • Compass
  • Notebook with plenty of paper
  • Pen and pencil
  • Cup or water bottle
  • Pocketknife (subject to Leader approval)

5-MILE HIKE:  (To be scheduled M, T, or W night at 6:45)

  • Water Bottle
  • Rain Coat/Poncho
  • Flashlight
  • Day Pack
  • Snacks
  • Personal Items – such as first aid kit, insect repellant


  • Bring a compass


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