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Here are Tuesdays announcements.
Remember wear class A which includes, class A Shirt, scout shorts, scout socks, scout belt, water bottle/cup, and scout book.

Woodruff payment for $150 is due the 25th of April.

Camp cards are due this Tuesday the 11th is camp cards are not turned or money turned in you will be expected to pay for them.

Tk summer camp $140 is due asap and once you pay that money you can pick you MB’s.

Remember the troop meeting starts at 7:00 so please arrive early at 6:50.

We will be finishing up any raft building and starting to learn lashings at the meeting.

Remember to do the cyber chip contract with their parents as well as signing the internet safety pledge and bring them to the meeting. (more info can be found with the cyber chip req. online)

If any adults have any announcements for me you can email me at

Thanks Brennan

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