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Tuesday’s Meeting Details: Urgent

Hello Everyone!

This week, on the 25th, we will NOT be meeting at the Church, instead we will be meeting at West Boynton Park, behind Park Vista High. You can find it at 6000 Northtree Blvd, Lake Worth, FL 33463. The meeting is being relocated so we can work on Tenderfoot Requirement 6, Second Class Requirement 7, and First Class Requirement 8. Keep in mind, that with the new requirements, each rank requires one charted month of physical activity, with varying requirements for each rank. For anyone who needs two or more of these requirements, I advise you do them consecutively. The Eagle Required Merit Badge, Personal Fitness, also requires 3 months of charted physical activity, so if all requirements are done consecutively, the merit badge requirement will also be completed.
Please wear your class B to the meeting, and remember to bring a drink cup.
-Cole Freeman

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