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Camping update 04/22/2012

The next camp out will be 05/25/2012 – 05/27/2012 at Camp AH BA LU FA.  Located at 3548 Selvitz Road Ft. Pierce FL 34981.  The cost is $22.00  This is our last camping trip before summer camp.  Please try to attend as we are gaining  camping experience as well as taking a swim test.  Troop 215 tries to get the annual summer camp swim testing done prior to summer camp.  The agenda for our monthly camping trips are

Meet at Grace on Friday at 6 pm –   

Food will be purchased by Patrol grub masters for all attending.

As usually a great time will be had by all.

Return to Grace on Sunday around 12 pm.  All parents will be called or texted  when the scouts are a half hour from the church giving you a little lead time to pick up your scout.


SUMMER CAMP –  06/30/2012 6 am – 07/08/2012 11 pm  Camp Old Indian. 

We are renting 4 – 15 passenger vans to transport all attendees to Camp Old Indian.  There will be 2 adult leaders sharing the driving  per van.

Scouts will pack a lunch for the drive up.  They will stop at a Golden Corral for dinner and arrive at Camp Old Indian that evening.

On 07/07/2012 the scouts will leave Old Indian as early as possible to arrive at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum for one last adventure before arriving at Grace on 07/08/2012 around 11 pm.

For more info about the Museum adventure go to


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