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Atomic Dragons: More Lashings, Timber Hitch, Oklawaha, and More

Good (Basically) Morning Atomic Dragons

I’m sorry this is getting out really late, but these last few weeks of school have been hectic. I, unfortunately, will not be able to make calls this week, so I hope you all see this.

I: Lashings Part 2/More rope stuff:

We will continue to go over lashings, including some ones we did not cover, along with a review from last week. We will also go over the timber hitch, which means we will be close to finishing all our basic scout knots.

II: Oklawaha:

As you may have already seen, this is the last call for the Oklawaha campout, so please look into signing up this week.

III: Fitness

I hope you have been exercising this past month, as in two weeks we will have our second outdoor meeting at john prince park, so keep working hard and keep moving towards improvement.

IV: Patches(Last one, I promise)

The first meeting of June is the day to affirm our patrol status, so we must have all our stuff ready. This means we need to sew on patrol patches and decide upon a date in which we will create our flag. Please come ready this week with dates that could work for a patrol workshop date.

Remember to come five-ten minutes early so we can be ready to open the meeting, and come in class a. Please bring your water bottle, rope, and scout book. I hope to see you all Tuesday. Enjoy the small remaining hours of Monday, and I will see you tomorrow.


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