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Camp Rules: Please Read!

Good afternoon troop 215.

The last campout throughout all the chaos, a few things were forgotten or missed. Since today we plan on leaving for a new campout, I would like to make sure we are all on the same page with the rules. This is to make sure that all scouts spend time packing the right gear, and so that scouts can have the most fun on a campout.

1.  No Electronics


On a campout, our troop does not like to use electronic devices(movie players, phones, tablets, etc.), please leave electronic devices at home, or wait to use your phones until after the campout.

2. Remember Class As

Remember to bring your class A for the departure and return. When we jump into cars, you must be wearing your class A.

3. No Open Toed Shoes

It hurts to have cut up feet so please bring closed toed shoes. Bring water shoes if you plan on being in the water.

4. Lights out

When the adults call lights out it is time to go into tents. During lights out please stay in your tent, and please try to sleep, don’t spend five hours talking, because we would all like to get rest.

I can’t thinl of any important rules right now, but I will try to go over theses rules when we arrive at the church. I hope to see most of you there.


Troop Guide William Weaver

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