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Aviation and Weather MB update

Good Afternoon Troop 215:

I just wanted to clarify the Aviation and Weather Merit Badges that have been received by the Advancement Chairs (Elsie and Nick).

Nick B. – Aviation and Weather

Josiah C. – Aviation and Weather

Ethan C. – Weather

Clay F. – Aviation and Weather

Raj H. – Aviation and Weather

Kyle P. – Weather

Jacob Q. – Aviation and Weather

Nick R. – Weather

Sebastian S. – Aviation and Weather

Brennan S. – Aviation and Weather

John W. – Aviation

William W. – Aviation


Some of the scouts still need to complete the Aviation badge by building a model plane. Mrs. Reese provided those on Tuesday May 23rd for those scouts in attendance. You can meet with her today at the beginning of today’s PLC or this Tuesday to complete the build if you did not complete the build requirement on the 23rd.   Aviation and/or Weather MB earned by scouts not on this list can either turn in your blue cards at the PLC tonight at Grace at 7PM or give me a call. Sorry for the confusion on this.



Paul Freeman

Committee Chair


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  • Mr. N. Crichton

    Blue cards containing all required signatures will be accepted through the PLC tonight for the upcoming court of honor.

    For blue cards submitted after tonight merit badges will be awarded at the next court of honor in September.

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