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Treasury Update

New statements will go out today. If you don’t receive one, please contact me.

Things included in this statement: June Monthly Dues, Most TK summer camp Merit Badge Fees, Final Woodruff $55 payments (due 6/27), and Woodruff Adult Fees.

Things not included in this statement: Summer Camp T-Shirts (those will be added as soon as the prices are confirmed), Supplemental Woodruff Rafting charges for adults and scouts with more than offsite activity-

Seabase Participants: You will be put on a $100 per month payment plan for 9 months beginning July 1, unless you notify me that you prefer the 2-$450 payments (9/19 and 4/10)

I will only be at some of the summer meetings because of travel. If I’m not at the meeting, Mrs. Leach is usually able to take payments in my absence.

Thanks! Mrs. Freeman 561-685-7672,

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